Google For Education FAQ

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google is currently offering schools a hosted solution for their email, calendar, and chat through Google Apps for Education, an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

What other schools are using Google Apps for Education?

See a list of some of the schools using Google Apps.

How much does Google Apps for Education cost?

Google Apps for Education is free. Google plans to keep the core offering of Google Apps for Education free. As you may know, Google was founded by a research project at Stanford University, and this is just one way they give back to the educational community.

Will there be advertisements with Google Apps?

By default, advertisements are turned off in Google Apps for Education.

How much storage do users get with Google Apps for Education?

Each user has 30 GB of storage for Google Drive, Gmail, and Picasa Web Albums.

What is the uptime for the Google Apps services?

With Google Apps for Education, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Drive, and Google Sites are guaranteed to be available at least 99.9% of the time, ensuring that users have access when they need it. The Google Apps team is committed to providing your school with the best level of service. For more information, please see the Google Apps Service Level Agreement.

How secure is Google Apps?

Two of the most common questions regarding Google in general, and Google Apps specifically, are security and privacy. Google takes both topics very seriously and truly believes that their offerings are a great option for customers on both fronts.

Google's business is built on their users' trust: trust in Google's ability to properly secure their data and Google's commitment to respect the privacy of the information users place in Google's systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately.

Google has an additional FAQ page regarding Security and Privacy where you can find more information.